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The MacGyver Secret has been a successful book/program published in 2016, helping thousands of individuals to work through everyday situations of all kinds.  At this time Lee Z0ltoff, the writer of the MacGyver series and Hill Street Blues is rewriting his successful process to specifically help veterans navigate through life’s obstacles, relationships, stress and PTSD.  Lee’s father was a WWII veteran that struggled with Combat Fatigue all of Lee’s childhood.  It wasn’t until Lee was an adult and doing research that he started learning about PTSD, and a light went off and he now understood that his father was a sufferer, and it affected the whole family throughout his childhood.

PTSD is experienced when a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a distressing event.  Ones subconscious is traumatized by that event and triggers can bring back memories… causing nightmares, unwanted memories, avoidance of situations, heightened reactions, anxiety, depressed mood, sleep issues and substance abuse.

Therapy is an important tool that can help work through and alleviate some of those symptoms.  However, many are reluctant to start therapy for a variety of reasons… or that it’s not available at that exact moment that you have a trigger and are struggling through a crisis.

The focus of the Inner MacGyver program isn’t about replacing therapy, but to help you start “helping yourself” when YOU NEED TO, at any given time.  When stress or PTSD is brought on by a situation, the subconscious gets overwhelmed, which gets in the way of making constructive choices and you can get caught up in a repetitive and/or destructive thought pattern.  This process helps you to release and/or resolve those thoughts, working them through by yourself, while they are happening and you are in control of the process that works best for you.

This can also be a great tool for Commanders & Chaplains, newly returning soldiers to assist them in readapting to civilian life, resolving issues before stress or PTSD symptoms before they start getting out of control. 

As part of Lee’s process to rewrite the new version of his Inner MacGyver Program, to analyze and access the process to insure a successful outcome… We will be hosting 4 pilot sessions, each one having 8-12 participants.  The entire program is hosted by Operation At Ease (a pending 501c3) located at, At Ease Campground and Marina (aka Wingate’s Lodge), there is No Charge. 


There will be two types of programs each consisting of 8 total sessions:

  • Three-day program with 3- two hours sessions day 1 & 2 and 2- 1 hours sessions day 3.

  • Two-day intensive program with four – approximately 1 hour session each day.


In between each session there will be down time for the Incubation Period, participants will choose their own activities, such as fishing, hiking, kayaking, help work on a community project at the facility, etc… it should mostly be kept physical.  Also affective is brain occupied activities, like doing a puzzle, build a model, playing simple video games and such.


For more information you can contact Patti Fabian at, or 229-246-0658

MacGyver Secret seminar flyer.
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