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Operation At Ease

An Environment to Support Our Military & Veterans

Operation At Ease is our true passion for this facility. 

It is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) to help bring Veterans to At Ease Campground. 
Our mission is to create a Retreat & Activities Center,

that supports and honors the well being of our veterans, military,

first responders and their families.  

To create a welcoming haven, to empower veterans to reclaim their

physical, mental, and emotional well-being and sense of purpose.

To rediscover their strength, find solace, and embark on a meaningful

journey towards a fulfilling post-service life. 


An environment that fosters healing, healthy mindset,

camaraderie, and personal growth… through a wide range of

recreational activities, therapeutic programs, and community engagement.


Things are in the works, below outlines the areas that we are busy working on implementing....

Your contributions will enable us to meet the needs of our Veterans and thier families and facilitate change at a grass roots level.

90% of every dollar is spent on charitable programs.

Your generous donation will help fund and facilitate our mission of empowering Veterans.

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Donations made

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directly to 

Operation At Ease

Please visit our new website and Facebook page for

Operation At Ease

Support Healthy Mindset – the beautiful natural park setting offers a peaceful environment for the body and soul.  Including the soothing effects of the surrounding waterways.

There are independent and/or planned activities offered for hiking, kayaking and fishing which are all soothing activities and natural stress relievers.  Offering these enjoyable activities and interactions to aid in the reduction of stress, PTSD syndrome and supporting increased awareness opportunities of suicide prevention.

Facilitating relationships with other nonprofit organizations and established programs to utilize our property, to conduct events, retreats and other activities that best suits their needs.  Assisting them with planning & organizing to create a successful program.

Back On Your Feet – work with organizations that aid and assist struggling veterans and their family.  Offering them with housing and job opportunities in an environment of camaraderie and understanding to create positive life changes.

Vacation Opportunities - Provide deeply discounted vacation packages to active-duty personnel and their families, with a sliding scale rate structure. i As well as offering Veteran visitors a 20% discount on lodging and activities.

Veterans Days Fishing Tournament and Down Home Gala

Friday - Plan a formal Veterans Day Program with support of additional Veterans Groups.

Saturday AM -Jack Wingate Memorial Fishing Tournament – Fundraiser for Op At Ease.

Saturday Night – Tournament after party, live music and activities.


Limited Mobility Upgrades

  • Update and reconfigure campground bathhouse. 

  • Provide handicap accessible activities and boats. 

  • Renovate Rustic Ranch unit to enable the ability of families with wheelchair bound members to comfortably visit and enjoy the peaceful location

Gold Star Families – Host events throughout the year for free family stays.  Events and activities to be determined based on the needs of each visiting group.

Veteran Reunions and Activities – Assist Groups to plan an enjoyable & unforgettable event.

Offering common meeting areas, help organize activities and programs.

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We Appreciate Your Support!

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Phone:  (229) 246-0658

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